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Aeolian Light musings

Aeolian Light @garethhacking

Aeolian Light, our latest outdoor public artwork, comes down tomorrow morning. As we head up the M5 and M6 ready to cut cable ties and load 12,000 wet LEDs into the back of a truck, we are pondering the events surrounding the work. The weather was definitely a challenge (it rained throughout the install, though apparently a bit less since), there were various technical issues, the piece seems to have been used very robustly on occasions (a couple of striking breakages have been reported), but the piece survived throughout, and seems to have been a popular attraction for the many thousands of visitors to the installation, just outside the Lowry Theatre in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Putting work on outdoors makes for a very different experience to the controlled environment of the art gallery, or indeed any indoor space. There is less of the hushed awe of the art gallery (i.e. more like a party atmoshphere, raucous laughter, running around etc). But what was most extraordinary was the length of time people spent in the work – upwards of an hour in many cases, in the wet and freezing northern English winter.

Coverage includes The Guardian (in print today, photo highlight of the day on 5 Jan), the Times (arts critic choice ‘top pick’ in print and online), Wired UKLuxurious MagazineCulture 24, interviews on Granada TV and BBC Radio Manchester, and mentions in the Scottish Sun, After Nyne, ArtsHub and many more.

Also some touching and beautiful social media contributions – in particular on Twitter (also search Aeolian Light or #SquidsoupQuays) – thanks everyone for coming to see the work and telling others about it. It’s been a great experience. Thanks also to Quays Culture and University of Salford for commissioning the work.

Some nuggets from the Twittersphere above and below:

Aeolian Light @garethhacking

Blue is the warmest colour Claire Wroe

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