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Salisbury Cathedral, Magna Carta celebrations


Salisbury Cathedral, home to one of four original copies of the Magna Carta, is celebrating the 800th anniversary of its signing. We were commissioned to produce two artworks for the event: Enlightenment and Power of Words


ENLIGHTENMENT continues the explorations of volume and light used by its predecessors such as Aeolian Light (2014) and Submergence (2013). Over 6,000 individually controllable points of light are suspended 7m from the North Porch at the cathedral. The piece was inspired by the ripple effect of the Magna Carta over time and space; how its influence has changed and grown over time to encompass a large part of the world.


Another project, POWER OF WORDS, adorns one wall of the Morning Chapel. Quotes and phrases from the Magna Carta grow organically over time, but can be disturbed, shaken and destroyed by visitors. By disrupting the structure of the growing words, key phrases emerge, encouraging visitors to reflect on the consequences of their actions, the meaning and concepts behind the Magna Carta, and their relevance today.



Both exhibits are free to the public and open daily until 6 September 2015.
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