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A brand new version of Submergence was premiered at this year’s SIGGRAPH in Anaheim, Los Angeles. We had a great position in the art gallery which, this year, was curated by Jonah Brucker Cohen, and also featured works by nine other digital artists working on the theme of ‘Digital Materialities‘.

The piece used our ‘Ocean of Light’ rendering engine (written in C++/oF, more details on that soon), combined with an infra-red laser scanner (also controlled using oF), a Beads-based generative audio system and synchronisation using a separate Processing app. The OoL engine, developed in part to work real time for VJ collaborations with Purity Ring and Four Tet, is now flexible enough to create a wide range of controlled volumetric effects, from form rendering to particle systems. Watch this space…


SIGGRAPH 2016, Anaheim Convention Centre, Anaheim, Los Angeles CA, USA. 24-27 July 2016.


Category: 3D light, events, generative sound, Ocean of Light


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