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Bloom – new project at Kew Gardens


Our new project, Bloom, is now live at Christmas at Kew, curated by the lovely people at Culture Creative.

A thousand spheres of light, each on a stalk and bobbing gently in the wind, fill a large clearing. The lights visualise waves of energy flowing across the space; acting in synchronicity, creating changes in ambience, choreographed patterns of light enveloping the space. The Garden comes alive in a bloom of energy and sound, acknowledging the depths of winter yet anticipating a still distant spring.

A symphony of 1000 voices

Bloom consists of around 1000 individual spherical units, each comprising a wi-fi enabled processor, GPS, accelerometer, LEDs and speaker. So the units know where they are, they can listen, respond and communicate. Together, they form a spatialised audiovisual symphony of 1000 synchronised and connected voices – a symphony made of the Internet of Things.

more details at www.squidsoup.org/bloom



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