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New posts and website

Please check out our NEW WEBSITE: http://www.squidsoup.org

and new blog address: http://www.oceanoflight.net/blog/posts/


Submergence at Southampton Festival of Light

Southampton Festival of Light, WestQuay, Southampton, February 10-19 2017. Commissioned by We Are The Fair.
12,064 individually addressable points of light.

Bloom – new project at Kew Gardens


Our new project, Bloom, is now live at Christmas at Kew, curated by the lovely people at Culture Creative.

A thousand spheres of light, each on a stalk and bobbing gently in the wind, fill a large clearing. The lights visualise waves of energy flowing across the space; acting in synchronicity, creating changes in ambience, choreographed patterns of light enveloping the space. The Garden comes alive in a bloom of energy and sound, acknowledging the depths of winter yet anticipating a still distant spring.

A symphony of 1000 voices

Bloom consists of around 1000 individual spherical units, each comprising a wi-fi enabled processor, GPS, accelerometer, LEDs and speaker. So the units know where they are, they can listen, respond and communicate. Together, they form a spatialised audiovisual symphony of 1000 synchronised and connected voices – a symphony made of the Internet of Things.

more details at www.squidsoup.org/bloom



Submergence 2016 – Buenos Aires

Footage from the exhibition of Submergence (2016 version) at Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires. The piece was on show initially as part of Visual Art Week and Ciudad Emergente, but the exhibition was extended from one week to two months.

Final show period: 21 September to 20 November 2016.


More images here


Light Water Dark Sky

Light Water Dark Sky, a new piece choreographed to Four Tet‘s enchanting Unicorn. Shown at Light Night Leeds, @LeedsDock, 6-8 October 2016.

New works and installations: Buenos Aires, Pitlochry, and Light Night Leeds

It’s been a busy month, with new shows in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Pitlochry (Scotland) and Leeds (UK) – details below.


1// Enchanted Forest, Pitlochry


A wonderful opportunity to show a new commission, Aether, by the shores of a loch in Faskally Woods in Perthshire, Scotland. The piece was commissioned by Enchanted Forest as part of their annual illuminations. On show every evening from 29 September to 30 October.

img_7273    img_7295

UPDATE: Enchanted Forest is definitely worth a trip if you can get in, but tickets have apparently sold out.


2// Buenos Aires, Argentina.


An initial four day exhibition as part of Visual Arts Week BA and Ciudad Emergente has been extended to a two month run, showing in the main hall at the imposing Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires.

img_7219   img_7224

Opening times: Friday (10:00 – 20:00), Saturday and Sunday (13:00 – 21:00) until 20 November 2016 at Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires.


3// Light Night Leeds : Dark Water Light Sky


Leeds Dock and Light Night Leeds invited us to install a new work, to music by the always amazing Four Tet, on a floating pontoon in Leeds Dock. The Four Tet track is Unicorn, and we called the piece Dark Water Light Sky. Video coming soon.


We also have upcoming events in Leicester (UK) as part of Europe’s largest Diwali festival (16-17 October), and a very different new work being premiered at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew (London UK) in November.





A brand new version of Submergence was premiered at this year’s SIGGRAPH in Anaheim, Los Angeles. We had a great position in the art gallery which, this year, was curated by Jonah Brucker Cohen, and also featured works by nine other digital artists working on the theme of ‘Digital Materialities‘.

The piece used our ‘Ocean of Light’ rendering engine (written in C++/oF, more details on that soon), combined with an infra-red laser scanner (also controlled using oF), a Beads-based generative audio system and synchronisation using a separate Processing app. The OoL engine, developed in part to work real time for VJ collaborations with Purity Ring and Four Tet, is now flexible enough to create a wide range of controlled volumetric effects, from form rendering to particle systems. Watch this space…


SIGGRAPH 2016, Anaheim Convention Centre, Anaheim, Los Angeles CA, USA. 24-27 July 2016.


Field – new project at WNO, Cardiff


Very happy to announce our latest project, Field, launched last week at the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff, commissioned by Welsh National Opera.

Field is an immersive artwork and memorial for 923 Royal Welch Fusiliers who died at the Battle of the Somme during the First World War and have no known grave. The piece was commissioned by Welsh National Opera to accompany their major new opera, In Parenthesis, by Iain Bell.

The 923 lights represent the many fallen fusiliers whose names are inscribed on the Thiepval Memorial in France. Some of these men would have served with ‘In Parenthesis’ author, David Jones, during the battle at Mametz Wood July 1916.

The work seeks to create an environment for remembrance and contemplation; one that connects the spiritual and elemental with the physical, the unseen with the seen, our past with our present.

Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff Bay, 13 May – 22 June 2016





So far in 2016 – Four Tet, Kylie, Purity Ring and more…

2016 has been fun so far – we worked our lighting systems twice with Four Tet, and also with Kylie Minogue. Purity Ring continue world domination with our setup, resulting in two appearances at Sydney Opera House already this year (Four Tet and Purity Ring both played there!). And we put on a workshop in Amsterdam and a new installation in the UK.


We started the year off building a volumetric light experience with Four Tet at Sydney Opera House, and last week we did it again at the Roundhouse. Images here.



We also built a 30m long chandelier suspended 6.5m from the ceiling at Old Billingsgate for the Prince’s Trust, consisting of over 12,000 individually controlled points of light. It was part of a fundraising event to celebrate the Trust’s 40 years’ work supporting disadvantaged children. The chandelier was controlled in real time to illuminate the space with ambient dynamic clouds and abstract visuals through to a vibrant VJ set to accompany a live performance by Kylie. More images here.

Princes Trust Invest In Futures 2016_2 (low res)-132


Purity Ring have performed using our Ocean of Light system on so many gigs we have lost count – including Sydney Opera House this January, and the Roundhouse last Autumn. Their latest video, Heartsigh, proudly bears our mark!


We had a lot of fun running a workshop for about 25 enthusiastic Dutch coders, enabling them to produce realtime volumetric visuals using the ‘Tectonic‘ installation setup and systems we installed in Amsterdam in December and January.


And we also put on another installation at Swindon’s Steam Museum (Wiltshire, UK) as part of Create Media’s Digital Journeys exhibition.

Tectonic – new project


Tectonic, a new Ocean of Light project commissioned by Dutch design agency LAVA, launched on December 12th, and runs until 23rd January 2016.


The piece uses a combination of visual approaches, combining the particle systems used in our earlier work with more geometric forms. This is also a piece where the music is to the fore.

We are also running a one-day workshop on the last day of the exhibition – more details here.

More images here. Video coming soon.