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Photography playground, Cologne


Submergence installed at Cologne’s photography playground. Good to see it up and running again. The event is at Jack-in-the-Box, Vogelsanger Str. 231, 50825 Cologne. It runs from 11th September till 5th October, open noon to 8pm and it’s FREE. More information here.




Submergence at Kunstfrühling, Bremen


Submergence is on show at Kunstfrühling, Bremen, Germany, May 15-25 2014



More images HERE

New Submergence exhibition (Holland)


We are delighted to be returning to the Netherlands. This time CULTUURWERF, in Vlissingen, will be hosting Submergence from 18th January until 2nd March 2014. The gallery is open from 13.00 – 17.00 Thursdays to Sundays. Directions HERE. The opening is on Saturday 18th January at 16:00 – do come!

Click on the image for full poster.

Preview of work-in-progress sketches (updated video)

To say thank you to everyone in Bristol for making our UK premiere of Submergence (see here and here) such an enjoyable and successful event, we will be showing a sneak preview, a few sketches from our latest work-in-progress, on Monday 16th December and Tuesday 17th December, from 4pm to 10pm at The Eye, in Bristol. The sketches work on some of our favourite themes – digital materiality, decay, granularity and virtual movement in physical space. Do please come!

Using the same 3D LED array system as our latest piece Submergence, we have created a few sketches that use an alternative approach to building digital form that occupies physical space.

Imagine if each physical light had a virtual twin, able to move freely in space. These 8,064 virtual points of light can be choreographed to collectively suggest form and movement, resulting in a different aesthetic to our previous work – more fragmented, unpredictable, organic. You see the virtual lights through the filter of their physical equivalents.

This is a work-in-progress, a direction of travel – but definitely not a final, coherent piece.

This preview, and the exhibition of Submergence that preceded it, were made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of Watershed, the Pervasive Media Studio and the PG Group.

More info here.

Carnage in Qatar…


Please Do Not Feed The Bugs (aka Infestation) is currently on show in Doha, Qatar, as part of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival, where kids from local schools (and beyond) have been engaging in a bit of pointless violence, jumping on thousands of our digital creepie-crawlies. The Sandbox area contains numerous interactive and digital artworks and demos – including two pieced by Memo Akten, Blender demos and some inspirational superhero movie workshops. All rather good fun.

The festival takes place around Doha, primarily in the Katara district, from 27-30 November 2013.





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A reminder of what the project looks like in VIDEO (from 2012)




We are delighted to be part of this year’s Cinekid Festival (see http://www.cinekid.nl/ for more info) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In among a host of awesome content and highly engaging interactive kid-oriented experiences, we have installed our Living Timeline project. It feels great to give the piece its first international audience, and to be in this cool exhibition. Bring on the kids!

The original is on permanent exhibition at At-Bristol in the UK.

There’s a video of the project below, and more info here.



Bronze at Best Awards NZ!

Our Volume 4,096 project, a permanent install at Royal Society New Zealand, has been awarded BRONZE in the category of spatial design at New Zealand’s BEST AWARDS 2013.

Sweet as…

_MG_3011_1200pxH Best Design Awards 2013


The Eye, Bristol – more

The pop-up exhibition at The Eye in bristol is going well. Weekends have been a smorgasbord of families and kids exploring the social and tactile aspects of the piece, whereas during the week it has been attracting passersby and visitors from afar for a more contemplative experience.

Submergence at The Eye, Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0DW

(near Bristol Temple Meads station, over the footbride from Creative Common)

Open Tue-Fri 12.00-14.00 & 17.00-21.00, Sat-Sun 12.00-21.00 UNTIL SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER

More info: http://www.watershed.co.uk/submergence/

Press coverage includes Design Week, Creative Boom, Unfolded Magazine, the BBC , Western Morning News, and a feature in Installation Magazine… and more to come

Photos: Paul Blakemore




More pictures here and here



UK premiere of Submergence in Bristol



We are delighted to be showing Submergence again soon, and on home territory.


The piece is FREE to visit, and open from Friday 13th September until Saturday 12th October It is a two minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads Station, just across the pedestrian bridge from the excellent Creative Common. BS2 0DW will apparently GPS you there. Opening times are 12.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00 Monday – Friday, and all day at weekends (12.00-21.00).

This, from the press release:

Visitors will experience a virtual world, where pixels on a screen are replaced by thousands of points of light floating in space. Created by award-winning digital artists Squidsoup, Submergence has never been seen before in the UK. With two successful international showings at the Geneva Mapping Festival and in Oslo, the remarkable creation is finally ready to land back in Bristol, for its UK premiere.

This breath-taking installation is designed to be experienced from inside a large black cube (8 metres x 4 metres). Once inside you can walk freely around, creating a three-dimensional immersive experience: you are completely surrounded by light, sound and movement. The installation takes around 20 minutes to unfold, as the lights gradually increase in intensity.

You can find Submergence in The Eye, beautifully placed overlooking the water on Glass Wharf, just over the bridge from the lively Creative Common and Temple Meads Station.

Submergence is part of a series of Bristol Temple Quarter commissions, coordinated by Watershed, Knowle West Media Centre and MAYK, with support from Bristol City Council and Arts Council England. They will pop up, excite and re-invent perceptions and potentials.


A whole bunch of pictures HERE on the setup and background workings of the project. We’ve also been posting a few bits and bibs on Instagram.


Core77 Design Awards Notable Honoree

Hey – we’ve just been told that our Submergence project has been awarded as a ‘Professional Notable Honoree’ in this year’s CORE77 Design Awards, in the Interiors and Exhibitions category. Thanks for the recognition folks!

The quirky announcement is online here – go ten minutes in for our moment in the spotlight…