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Ocean of Light

We have been working on a new project, Ocean of Light, that seeks out the immersive and affective possibilities of light-based visualisations in three physical dimensions – a recurring theme in our work. The aim this time is that the piece is large enough to be considered an environment rather than an object – a room filled with countless points of light, each one contributing to a dynamic space that surrounds and envelops you.

The hardware uses re-configured video-wall technology to create a walk-through 3D grid of LEDs. The first piece to be shown on the grid (to be premiered at KINETICA Art Fair, February 5-7 2010), combines abstract volumetric visuals with spatialised sound, to suggest an ecosystem of audiovisual entities that inhabit physical space. Visible and audible as they encircle and fly around the room, they dance with each other and together create what is both a fully three dimensional audiovisual environment and a musical composition.


The work continues several themes in our work. We started exploring spatialised musical composition in 1999 with Altzero. The compositions became dynamic and agent-based in Driftnet/Fly like a bird. Visualisation in 3D has been used in several projects, using a range of techniques from classic red/cyan glasses to view real time anaglyphic projections (Come Closer, Driftnet, and a version of Ghosts), experiments with autostereoscopy, projection onto 3D objects, and most recently moving our work into physical 3D space. See also The Stealth Project and Discontinuum (projects using visualisation techniques in three physical dimensions using NOVA, a 3D LED grid built by ETHZ).

More images here



Been busy in Oslo of late. Two talks about various aspects of Squidsoup’s work during Kedja and gRIG conferences, and another outing for Freq2 during Kedja. The Kedja conference, on Dance and New Media, also features a 96 page publication on various aspects of interdisciplinary dance and new media. Contributors include Johannes Birringer, Ghislaine Boddington (body>data>space), Stuart Jones and Anthony Rowe. The cover (see above) featured Freq2. Hard copies available from Lise Amy Hansen, and a PDF will be available soon.

Bugs and Ghosts at iDesign London and more…

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs and old favourite Ghosts are both to be shown at iDesign, part of London Design Week, on THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER – and also a short talk in the afternoon.

Bugs is also being shown in Liverpool on SATURDAY 25th SEPTEMBER, outside FACT, as part of AND (Abandon Normal Devices).  More here.

Onedotzero at the BFI also went well last weekend – the sand made a nice mess of the carpet… images below and more here.

bugs at onedotzero

onedotzero Bugs

Stealth project at ISEA – another video

more video documentation from The Stealth Project at ISEA.

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs at onedotzero

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs will be shown at this year’s onedotzero’s adventures in motion festival at London’s BFI, as part of onedotzero_sprites.

Note Bugs is shown on SATURDAY 12th and SUNDAY 13th September only.

Here’s a reminder of what Glowing Pathfinder Bugs is about:

And here‘s a link to some more information

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs is a Portable Pixel Playground commission by Folly

Discontinuum (Bains Numeriques) and Stealth…

Video documentation of Discontinuum at Festival Bains Numeriques, Enghien-les-Bains, Paris in June 09.

Discontinuum and Ghosts were curated by body>data>space for Bains Numeriques 2009.

More information on the project HERE.

Music courtesy of The Necks (excerpt from Townsville)

Discontinuum runs on a NOVA 3D LED cube, produced by ETHZ/Horao GmbH

ETHZ/Horao’s Christoph Stahli has also produced a short document on Stealth – still running in Belfast for ISEA at the Ormeau Baths Gallery:

ISEA 2009

Stealth installed and running at the Ormeau Baths Gallery, as part of the ISEA 2009 exhibition.  It will run from now until 30 August.





Other images (of Stealth and other projects) here.

The Stealth project is built on the NOVA 3D LED grid (courtesy of ETH / Horao GmbH) and uses 2 monome64 devices.

Bains Numeriques and more…

We had an enjoyable and interesting time at Enghien-les-Bains for the Bains Numeriques festival, where we showed three versions of Ghosts, and new piece Discontinuum.  Many thanks to Emmanuel, Celine and all at body>data>space.

Diiscontinuum at Eglise St Joseph

Discontinuum was part re-developed in situ, as the piece was positioned inside the church of St Joseph, and we felt it needed to reflect on and respond to the space more.  Live footage from a hidden webcam was mixed with static imagery taken from the stained glass windows in the church; the brilliant colours of the stained glass becoming reproduced within the NOVA cube.  More documentation soon…


In addition to the usual festival goers, we had a lot of interest from the church-going community – rare access to a completely different audience, whose responses were surprisingly positive (at least once the fact that the piece was a reflection on the place was understood).

Discontinuum has become an evocation of place as well as an exploration of the visual possibilities of extruding live imagery through space and across time.  ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)/horao GmbH (who designed and built the NOVA)  are planning to show a version of Discontinuum in Zurich; evoking another place (or idea) will be an interesting development for the project.

Ghosts worked well inside the Mediatheque George Sand, using a tryptich of plasma screens to good effect, the three screens in various states of legibility, and reacting immediately and simultaneously to text input.

ghosts tryptich at enghien

On other fronts, preparations are underway for ISEA 2009.  The exhibition starts on 7th August at Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast, and runs through to the end of the ISEA conference on 30th August.  The Stealth project should be running throughout.

Also looks like we’ll be showing Glowing Pathfinder Bugs at the onedotzero festival (South Bank, London) in September – if you have a design week subscription see this from the mouth of the man himself 🙂

Upcoming events – spring/summer 2009


Future of Sound
(Arnolfini, Bristol), 25 April 2009
Promises to be an interesting day of talks, workshops, installations and performances at Bristol’s Arnolfini.  Details here
will be shown, and there will be a short talk in the afternoon.


Soma Museum / Art Centre Nabi (Seoul, South Korea), 30 April – 21 June 2009
A group exhibition featuring various digital interactive artworks aimed primarily at kids.  We are showing Glowing Pathfinder Bugs (its first outing outside of the Portable Pixel Playground), Virtual Puppeteers and Freq2.  The exhibition is called ALICE (“Artistic, Lively, Intelligent, Creative, Eco-friendly kids”).


Bains Numeriques (Enghiens-les-Bains, Paris), 5-13 June 2009
Ghosts (three types) and the first outing for Discontinuum – an exploration of de/re-constructing webcam imagery over time, using the glorious NOVA 3D LED grid, courtesy of ETHZ/horao.  Bains Numeriques is an annual event that takes place in a suburb of Paris.  Should be fun – Peter Greenaway and Stelarc are both partaking this year.  We were invited by body>data>space .


ISEA 2009 (Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland), 7-30 August 2009
A second outing for Stealth, first shown last October at the V&A, at ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Arts).  The piece is both a game and an exploration of 3D visuals in physical space, and also runs on the NOVA.

Aerogel experiments

We tried crossing two beams of light inside a block of aerogel, thinking it might somehow produce a brighter point in 3D space.  It doesn’t.  However, some beguiling effects can be obtained, in 2D and in 3D, using two projections onto a block of aerogel.

Perhaps reminiscent of dappled sunlight and silhouettes of passing strangers, this is actually two projections of Outtake – a version of Ghosts from 2003 – from different angles onto a small block of aerogel.

Also – rendering of the Mac dock into 3 dimensions


Miniature mockup adding realtime shadows

model-aerogel-ghosts outtake

Still of Outtake projected onto aerogel.


Aerogel supplied by Airglass AB