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art, research and play in creative interaction design


Submergence (2013)


Submergence transforms physical space into a Mixed Reality environment where virtual and real worlds coincide. The result is an immersive walkthrough experience that uses light to alter our perceptions of space and presence. The experience is akin to walking through an abstract virtual environment, where pixels on a screen are replaced by thousands of points of light floating in space. These points of light create evocations and atmospheres, presence and movement, in physical space. More


Volume 4096 (2012)


Volume 4,096, a new permanent exhibit by digital arts group Squidsoup, is now on permanent display at the Royal Society New Zealand. The piece is suspended 6m above visitors in the main foyer of RSNZ’s beautiful new Headquarters, and can be seen from three floors within the building, and also outside. More.


Infestation (2012)


“We have received disturbing reports of an outbreak of beetles, spiders and centipedes at Phoenix Square, an otherwise wonderful cinema, café and media centre in Leicester. Digital artists Squidsoup have been on-site trying to contain the infestation but they may need your help…” More.


Living Timeline (2012)


A museum exhibit on permanent display in the main entrance of At-Bristol in the UK. The exhibit is an animated, interactive evolutionary timeline covering the last 460 million years on planet Earth. More.


Living Walls (2012)


With Living Walls – fools, lovers and malcontents, Squidsoup bring the walls of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to life with a set of three dynamic digital projections made of animated texts and quotes from Shakespearean characters in what promises to be an exciting, interactive encounter for visitors.More.


Scapes (2011)

Scapes conjures into being three-dimensional cities, landscapes and abstract architectures purely from sound, software and light. Chimaera-like visions of ephemeral spaces are created and destroyed in real time. They occupy physical space, but only fleetingly. They leave nothing behind when they, and the sounds that spawned them, vanish. Scapes uses the Ocean of Light 3D LED grid. More


Surface (2010)

Ocean of Light explores the creative and immersive possibilities of light-based visualisation in physical space, using bespoke hardware to create dynamic, interactive and three-dimensional sculptures from light.

Surface is the first artwork to be exhibited using the Ocean of Light hardware. It uses minimal visuals and sound to evoke character and movement. Autonomous entities engage in a playful dance, negotiating the material properties of a fluid surface.  More


Pest Control (2010)

Pest Control projects a virtual ecosystem populated by strange insect-like creatures into physical space. These creatures are aware of their surroundings and each other, and all have their own characteristics: some are aggressive carnivores whilst others are gentle, timid and vulnerable. They all therefore react in very different ways to human interference. More


The Stealth Project (2008.)

Exploring the possibilities of 3D visualisation in physical space, using a NOVA 3D LED grid to reinterpret the classic 2D game Connect Four. The piece was inspired by The V&A’s Cold War Modern exhibition. More


Glowing Pathfinder Bugs (2008.)

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs combines physical play (moulding the sand in a sandpit) with virtual animal husbandry, and is aimed at 6-12 year old kids. More


Driftnet (2007)

Fly like a bird in a virtual and dynamic composition.

Driftnet moves like a flock of birds, a swarm of bees, planets in a galaxy. Everything is connected, and becomes part of a complex interdependent network. More


Freq (2003,2006)

Freq takes the shape of your shadow and turns it into sound. Freq2 is part musical instrument, played using whole body movement, while also responding to ambient influences. More


Come Closer (2004-5)

An exploration of the boundaries of personal space, the piece allows visitors to collaborate through their movement and relative position. More


Ghosts (2002-4)

Permanent virtual sculptures are created out of fragments of thought and throwaway comments, giving each message a new context and added meaning. More


Altzero (1999-2003)

Envisaging a gaming environment where everything is stripped out except the sound and the ability to move. The visuals become a reference for the sounds, a means of visualising the structure of what is being listened to. More