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Living Timeline

Living Timeline, a project we started in June last year, has finally launched as part of At-Bristol’s new exhibit “Our World – No More Waste”, sponsored by Sita Trust.

Living TimelineĀ brings the last 460 million years of evolutionary development to life, with creatures ranging from spiders, beetles and snails, through ammonites and trilobites to sharks and dinosaurs inhabiting a Mixed Reality ecosystem.

The creatures are projected onto a physical 3D landscape measuring 4.6m. Like Glowing Pathfinder Bugs, creatures sense their landscape, and the presence of visitors, through the use of Kinect stereo camera sensors, and they respond accordingly by flying off, panicking and running away, crawling up your arm or being splattered to death by rampant children.


Also, see this on the At-Bristol site; it includes a brief video description/interview about the project.

The project is part of a group of projects that have explored and extended the ideas behind Glowing Pathfinder Bugs (2008), an artwork that projects caterpillars onto a sandpit. Other related projects include Pest Control I and Pest Ctrl II – a full body experience recently shown at Phoenix Square, Leicester UK.

These projects all use simple projection mapping techniques to create convincing forms of spatially coherent Mixed Reality experience; making the digital world feel as though it exists within our own physical reality, rather than looking through a window/screen into a parallel yet untouchable universe.

Living Walls is a permanent exhibition, and the first exhibit you come to just through the entrance at At-Bristol. It is estimated that the project will be seen by over a million people in the next few years.


Also, our LIVING WALLS project at the RSC’s Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon is still running; a trio of pieces that aim to show the spirit and words of Shakespeare coming alive within the walls of the theatre. More info HERE; the pieces run until 9th September.


Glowing Pathfinder Bugs at onedotzero

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs will be shown at this year’s onedotzero’s adventures in motion festival at London’s BFI, as part of onedotzero_sprites.

Note Bugs is shown on SATURDAY 12th and SUNDAY 13th September only.

Here’s a reminder of what Glowing Pathfinder Bugs is about:

And here‘s a link to some more information

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs is a Portable Pixel Playground commission by Folly