Installations, exhibitions and events

2007 Driftnet/Fly like a bird trials at Shunt (London UK 13-22 June)
2007 Freq2 at Cheltenham Science Festival (UK 6-10 June)
2007 Freq2 at Cybersonica's Late at TATE Britain (6 April)
2007 Solo show at Text+Work (Bournemouth UK 2 April - 4 May)
2007 Preview of Driftnet - part of Future of Sound tour
2006 SAGE Gateshead (25 January)
2006 Goldsmiths College London (1 March)

2006 Ghosts shown at Bloom (UK 11-13 August)
2006 Launch of freq2 at Cybersonica 06
2006 TATE Britain - part of Late at Tate Britain/Art of Noise (5 May)
2006 Dana Centre (Science Museum, part of Cybersonica Festival, 19-20 May)
2006 Phonica Records (Poland Street London, 8-20 May)
2006 b.tween festival (National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford UK, 24-26 May)
2006 Web3DArt shows The Scruncher at the Web3D Symposium (Maryland Columbia USA 18-21 April)
2006 squidsoup navigation toy on new soundtoys website (online, April)
2006 Launch of Come Closer at Lovebytes (Sheffield UK, 24-25 March)
2006 Virtual Puppeteers workshop at Lighthouse (Poole, Dorset, 13-14 Feb)

2005 Public trial/sneak peak at new version of Come Closer (Bristol 30 November)
2005 The Big Blip 05 (with soundtoys, Brighton UK, 24-29 Oct 2005)
2005 The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum - solo show - Ghosts (Coventry UK, 26 Feb-24 Mar)
2005 Workshop and installation at Bristol Old Vic using Virtual Puppeteers (Bristol, March)
2005 showcases Dandelions, an online version of Come Closer (Jan)
2005 Virtual Puppeteers on show at NESTA Event, UK. (Jan)

2004 Cybersonica/soundtoys, at the Dana Centre, Science Museum, London.
2004 Ghosts at Montreal Festival of New Cinema , Montreal Canada
2004 Virtual Storey inaugurated at Folly, Lancaster UK.
2004 Big Bros Festival, KL Malaysia and Jakarta
2004 Come Closer launched at Futuresonic 04 (Urbis Manchester UK, 28 April-8 May)
2004 Residency and trials at Watershed during development of Come Closer (Bristol UK - March/May)
2004 Solo exhibition at Watermans of fREQ and Ghosts (London UK, 15 Jan-29 Feb)

2003 Ghosts at FILE (festival internacional de linguagem eletrônica, Sao Paolo Brazil August)
2003 Cybersonica/soundtoys, (ICA, London UK, June)
2003 Lab3D exhibition, launch of Altzero 5 , (Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester UK, May-June)
2003 Permanent exhibition of Ghosts installed at Clarks
2003 Altzero 4 shown at CADE (Ferens Gallery, Hull UK April)

2002 ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art, Nagoya, Japan, October) - Altzero 4
2002 Ghosts first shown at Watershed
2002 Cybersonica/soundtoys, (ICA, London UK, June)
2002 FlashForward (as part of ShockArt, San Francisco, April)
2002 WOW Festival (The Technical Museum of Innovation, San Jose CA, April)
2002 Web3D Symposium Art Gallery (Tempe Arizona, February)
2002 Altzero 3 selected for Shift magazine's online gallery - BIN (no. 007, Japan)

2001 Dysfunkt!onal_Beats (93 feet east, London, December)
2001 Web3D Festival (Copenhagen, October)
2001 SIGGRAPH N-Space Art Gallery includes Altzero , (LA, August)
2001 SONAR 'Invisible London' includes several squidsoup pieces (Barcelona, June)
2001 Valencia Biennale (Valencia, June til September)
2001 TecnoArte (Perugia, Italy, 16-18 May)
2001 ICA (solo showing of altzero2 - Institute of Contemporary Art, London, February)

2000 TransCinema, Here Gallery (New York, December)
2000 squidsoup selected for The Remedi Project (Issue 7)
2000 Shift online magazine cover (Issue 46 - Japan)
2000 ICA (London, September)
2000 Futuresonic launches Altzero 1 (Contact Theatre, Manchester, May)
2000 Microwave (Hong Kong 2000)

1999 onedotzero includes 'Grind' in Wow+Flutter programme

Awards, reviews, talks, publications...

2007 Publication to accompany solo Text+Work show, including essays on squidsoup's work by
2007 Jim Campbell and Bob Cotton. A few copies left - get in touch if interested

2006 VSMM awards Come Closer paper BEST PAPER at conference (Xi'an, China, October)
2006 Published paper based on Come Closer presented at VSMM (Xi'an, China, October)
2006 Interview on soundtoys and cybersonica for Edge magazine (June edition)

2005 Review of Ghosts on Neural Italian online art magazine (April)
2005 The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum - talk (3 Mar) about Ghosts exhibition .
2005 Blip - talk (blip 26) (Brighton, March)
2005 GAGE - Hull Time Based Arts (Hull, February)

2004 squidsoup featured in 'New Media Art – practice and context in the UK 1994-2004'
2004 member of SIGGRAPH 'synaesthesia' art gallery jury
2004 Collaborated on Paper for CADE. Read it here.

2003 Lab3D and Web3D Art - Reader (Arts Council, Cornerhouse)
2003 Banff Interactive Screen - presentation (Canada, August)
2003 CADE - keynote speaker (UK, April)

2002 BAFTA nomination (Interactive Arts)
2002 Talk at Ultrasound (Huddersfield, 28-30 November)
2002 Wrote a chapter for “Flash and Director – designing multiuser websites” (Friends of Ed, 2002)

2001 squidsoup featured in D&AD Annual
2001 Talk at Impakt Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands, September)
2001 Macromedia Shockwave Site of the Day (January)

2000 International EMMA award (Online Art)

squidsoup is a loose federation of artists musicians and interactive designers. Our work focuses on using interactivity, sound and space (virtual and real) in intuitive yet unexpected ways - on the web, as installations, in games and in software applications.

Main projects

Driftnet (2007)

freq / freq2 (2003,2006)

Come Closer (2004-5)

Ghosts (2002-4)

Virtual Puppeteers (2002-7)

Altzero (1999-2003)

Other projects and experiments interface (2006)
The Scruncher (2003/6)
Doodle (2004)
Dandelions (2004)
Outtake (2002)
Random#1 (2001)
Untitled (2000)
Grind (1999)
Dawn (1997-8)

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