Playing with non-tactile 3D interaction


This is the result of preliminary tests using a Point Grey Bumblebee2 camera to sense 3D positional information, and visualise that information in Macromedia Director. The Bumblebee uses twin cameras to derive a dynamic depthmap that shows the distance of objects from the cameras as well as their (rough) shape - see below, left camera, right camera and depthmap.




squidsoup 30/11/06

Unedited r ecording of visualisation of data derived from the depthmap stream in real time.
The video is from the waist up moving in front of the cameras.



squidsoup 01/12/06

This is fun... interaction is quick and sensitive.
This is what happens when depth is accentuated... also, the image now comes out to greet you, rather than moving away as with the pincushion. Again, it's from the waist up and moving my hands around. This is will become a very effective interface for something.
Imagine this on your Eye-toy...

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