Beyond Submergence exhibition

An immersive, atmospheric journey through light and sound, Squidsoup’s Beyond Submergence seeks the Sublime, creating a narrative arc that spans from the deeply ambient through to the intensity of sensory overload.

Almost 1,000 individual speakers and over 12000 points of light play with scale and abstracted form, bathing viewers in the light of our world; making reference to the elevated landscapes of Turner and John Martin, creating an environment you can hear, see and touch.

Viewers are invited to explore a uniquely interconnected series of artworks that further probe the nature of light, sound, space and digital materiality, and connect in a singular shared experience that blurs the boundaries between the artworks and the spaces they inhabit.

Let go of the world outside, immerse yourself, open up to the unexpected and slow down, allow feelings, memories and unexpected emotional responses to surface.

This is a touring exhibition, with an experimental test run at Propyard, Bristol (UK) from 30 June-30 September 2023. Works on show included updated versions of the following:

  • Submergence (2013-)
  • Wave (2018-)
  • Phase Shifter (2019-)
  • Circular Echoes (2022)
  • In-Finite (2023)
  • Sola (2020-)
  • Aurora (2019-23)
  • Granularities (2022-)