Combining immersive sound and light with music and dance funded by the Bristol + Bath Creative R+D

Circle/دایره R+D Credit Jon Atkin

Circle/دایره is a new performance work grown out of an intensive R+D process with collaborators Roxana Vilk and the Vilk collective. With sold out shows at Trinity, The Egg theatre and The Bristol Beacon this 30 minute sensory experience combines immersive sound and light with music and dance to explore what it means to share a space and the inclusive nature of these spaces.

Circle/دایره is the first in a series of live performance explorations with our AudioWave technology. In this work the audience experiences the piece live in the moment and can be anywhere around the circle, focus can be switch from the sound of Vilk Collective’s music to the light and sound of the Orbs, and the synergy between those aspects.

Taking place from March – October 2021 this project has taken the team on an incredible collaborative journey. Spending research and development time at Trinity Centre in Bristol, we experimented with the AudioWave technology, to fuse our expertise of creating sound and light artworks and the performance skills of Vilk Collective together to develop a new spatial composition that re-imagined how audiences experience our work.

Audiences have said that Circle/دایره creates its own unique world to experience, in a mesmerising, hypnotic and soothing way – especially welcome after the restrictions of the Covid Pandemic.

This R+D project was funded through a grant from Bristol and Bath Creative R+D through the Expanded Performance strand to create music in a whole ​new and inclusive way​.

About Roxana Vilk and Vilk Collective
Roxana is a multidisciplinary British/ Iranian artist with over 25 years experience or working collaboratively with communities. Her inclusive approach for this project builds on her work as Associate Artist at Trinity Centre and connections with Eastside Community Trust to respond directly to the need for cultural equality, challenging exclusion and exploring who gets to make, respond and participate in the Arts.

Roxana continues to build on her Expanded Performance research looking to ‘break down the fourth wall’ between audience and performer, by inviting audiences to delight in the surprise, joy and magic of being ‘part’ of the live music making experience. Circle/دایره is truly a wonderful democratisation of making live music in a new and exciting way. Playing and performing live to co-create and collaborate. It will reflect the communities Roxana engages with through her practice, encouraging togetherness, where the space itself and the people in the space are changing the experience together.

Squidsoup in collaboration with Roxana Vilk and
the Vilk Collective
Sound Mix
Peter Vilk
Mariana Marcelino & Delicia Sefiha
Roxana Vilk & Peter Vilk
Lighting Design
Will Bradford / NSL Productions
Guest Musician Martyn
Supported by
Luke Reed University West of England
Fred Deakin
Presentation partners
Trinity Centre Bristol
The Egg Theatre Bath
Bristol Beacon Brsitol