Lightworks exhibition

‘Lightworks’ is a collection of several of Squidsoup’s works from 2013 to 2022, presented as a single cohesive, immersive and narrative experience.

A trial setup in Squidsoup’s Cheltenham studio (from which most of these images are taken) placed the works in an open space, covering around 700sqm (47m x 16m). The works were triggered in turn, with audiences following the works as they were powered up.

The exhibition is however very flexible in nature, and can be made to fit within a broad range of spaces, from multiple gallery rooms to large halls, so long as lighting is fully controllable.

The core works on display are updated versions of:
  – Collective Isolation
  – Circular Echoes
  – Wave
  – Phase Shifter
  – Submergence
  – Sola 

Additional works can be added in adjacent rooms, outdoors and so on.

Exhibition overview brochure available HERE.

The presented works are all experiments in the use of points of light in space, scale, and abstracted dynamic form to evoke emotional responses. Our work is designed to be seen in a shared context, and from any angle, from within or without. It is inclusive and immersive by its nature. It explores notions of liminality, blurring borders and boundaries between a work and the space it inhabits.

The narrative that evolved is one of ambience and intensity; starting with a gentle melancholia, the works evolve through increasing scale, edge and intensity to a final crescendo where visitors are physically overloaded with sound and light – a direct reference to the Sublime.

Squidsoup are pioneers in the use of light, sound and technology to create immersive installations. We encourage people to view the world from different perspectives, by presenting new kinds of evocative and beguiling experience. Our work has been seen by millions of people across the globe since 1997 in galleries, museums and live events, festivals and solo exhibitions – breathing new life and bringing an additional dynamic augmented layer, transforming spaces and peoples’ experiences of them.

We also work regularly with electronica musician Four Tet, creating bespoke boundary-defying immersive light shows for a series of live concerts, including Alexandra Palace (London UK, 2019 and 2023), LA, New York and Sydney Opera House (2015-23). Mixmag called it “the best live show in the world”.




Tim Arnold Photography: