Singularity (2020)

A floating 8m diamater sphere - a monolithic visual display

Singularity is a monolithic sphere of abstract and dynamic light and movement. A symphonic compression and dilation of energy in slow motion. Hold your breath…

In mathematics and physics a singularity is a point of extreme variability where normal rules no longer apply, where change, transition, unpredictability and the unknown become the norm, where our models of behaviour break down and our expectations are confounded.

Singularities exist at the limits of our understanding – from distant and abstract phenomena such as the beginning of the universe and black holes through to the more familiar and every-day, for example weather patterns.

Squidsoup’s Singularity represents a hypothetical technological singularity, an imagined point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Singularity is built within an 8m diameter geodesic full dome. The dome can be suspended, supported by a custom trussing system, or fixed direct to the ground.

The work consists of 6720 controllable volumetrically mapped points of light, made up of over 20,000 LEDs.

The work extends Squidsoup’s explorations into volumetric (physical 3D) visualisation systems, building on works such as Submergence.

The work has been shown at, among others,  IlluminoCity (Principal Place, London, 2021-2) with Light Art Collection, Knowsley Borough of Culture (2022), Blenheim Palace (2023) and, most recently, at London’s Battersea Power Station (2024).

Dome supplied by Lotus Domes
Video (above): Grow Video
Music: GA Sowerby.