Voices Of Nature

Created in collaboration with The Tree Council, Voices of Nature is the centrepiece of the Force For Nature Exhibition, that celebrates the actions and voices of the thousands of children and young people who have taken part in the Force for Nature campaign.

Credit: The Tree Council

Voices of Nature is a small scale spatialised light and sound artwork made in collaboration with The Tree Council and musician Benjamin Haycock. 

Using our AudioWAVE technology, and building upon our artwork Circular Echoes and a previous collaboration with Roxanna Vilk and the Vilk Collective, Voices of Nature encourages conversations between young people about the importance of green spaces, nature and the environment by creating a safe and all encompassing layer of sound and light – drawing inspiration from talking circles and drumming circles.

Visitors entering the installation will be taken on a mesmerising journey by the voices of Young Tree Champions. At the end of the experience, visitors are invited to add their voice by sharing their own message, which will become a part of the installation as it travels around the UK.

See https://youngtreechampions.org/force-for-nature/force-for-nature-exhibition/ for current exhibition dates.

Credit: The Tree Council

Credit: The Tree Coucil