A 500 part voice and light experience in the form of a breaking wave.

Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

A 500 part voice and light experience in the form of a breaking wave. Each point of light in the form of an orb, is also a point of sound. Collectively these orbs become an illuminated choir of voices – a choreographed space within each unit contributes to the overall composition, both visually and sonically.

Originally commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral in the wake of the Novichock poisonings of 2018, the work conjures a series of moods, from a calming drone to choral waves of voice and light that flow through the work.

The result is a sustaining space with an enveloping physical presence, a process of renewal as sound and light pass through the space in waves, cleansing and refreshing all in their wake.

The work continues Squidsoup’s ongoing explorations and obsession with elemental themes, particularly water. The result is a unique and delicate audio-visual experience.

Each orb in the wave is an autonomous sensate unit consisting of LED lights, speaker and microcomputer, with movement sensor and wireless connectivity.
Together they create a walkthrough immersive experience; 500 points of light, 500 voices, interconnected using Internet of Things technology and acting in choreographed harmony to create a series of emotive and enticing, sensual immersive environments – a sanctuary in this crazy world.

Recent exhibitions include:
OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria
ADAF, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece
Beyond Submergence, Bristol UK

Photo credits: Paul Blakemore, Tim Arnold, Antara