Drifting Echoes (2020/22)

Electronics, wood, digital media. 110cm x 110cm x 140cm.
A spatialised audio- and light-work for 18 voices.

Drifting Echoes is a suspended, floating, ephemeral sonic volume at the edge of perception. The work draws one into a quiet (but not silent) liminal space for private reflection and contemplation, encouraging a state of mind where time seems to drift and loop.

Technically, the work uses the advanced decentralised multichannel audio systems developed for public art installations such as Wave (first commissioned for Salisbury Cathedral, 2018-19), Desert Wave (Burning Man Festival, 2019) and Murmuration (commissioned by and first shown at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 2019-20), but here presented as contemplative object, rather than immersive walk-through experience.

The piece retains the key hallmarks of Squidsoup’s work – highly spatialised audio, beguiling immersive visual experience – but presented not as a walkthrough public space but as an object for contemplation: a single cubic meter of spatialised immersive sound and light.

Drifting Echoes distils Squidsoup’s understanding of light and sound in space, of its tones, timbre, form and structure into a new sculpted light and sound work that sits between object and experience.

Drifting Echoes is available for hire or purchase.