Four Tet 2023

Video: Still Moving Media
Sound: Parker

The culmination of an 8-year collaboration between the renowned DJ/musician Four Tet and light pioneers Squidsoup, the 2023 tour saw the team play nine nights in LA, New York and London.

Over the years, the project developed from a small conventional live stage-based lighting system to a radical fully immersive experience enveloping both audience and performer, breaking the boundaries between the two, merging artwork and performance, the virtual and the real into a unique augmented experience. With Four Tet at the centre, surrounded by up to 10,000 people each night, the experience is both intimate and intense. Mixmag called it “The Best Live Show in the World”.

The set included a full surround sound system that was mirrored in Squidsoup’s Submergence lighting system – creating volumes of sound and lights that moved around and through the audience, surrounding and enveloping them; a unique experience where the audience are completely immersed in light from all directions.

The 40,000 individually addressable points of light dangle among the audience – starting at waist height and reaching up 5m from the ground. The first lights in the set emerge within the audience, lighting them from below, and then the dynamic lightform emerges above head height, flying around, through, over and under them, resonating and reflecting the music.

Hollywood Palladium, LA: 2, 3, 4 May 2023
Avant Gardner, Brooklyn NYC: 9, 10, 11 May 2023
Ally Pally, London UK: 23, 24, 25 May 2023

The visuals are generated in real time using a system originally developed for an art installation, first shown in Oslo, Norway, called Submergence. That installation was the culmination of many years working on volumetric visual systems – the ability to generate visual forms in three physical dimensions; to create a clear impression of movement and presence in our shared physical space.

The system uses virtual 3D particle emitters to create fireworks, blobs, lines, blocks and waves of light, controllable and movable in real time through physical space.

The collaboration with Four Tet has always been based on serendipity – each collaborator creating their work in real time, without click tracks or pre-rendered visuals. EVERYTHING happened on the fly, creating a unique event each night – one of which has been released by Four Tet as a live album.

Find the live album on Bandcamp HERE and on Spotify HERE

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Earlier shows:
Alexandra Palace, London, 8-9 May 2019
National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY, 19-23 March 2018
Hollywood Forever, LA, 14-17 March 2018
Village Underground, London, 19-22 February 2018
Roundhouse, London, 13 February 2016
Sydney Opera House, 6 January 2016
ICA, London, 25 August 2015
Manchester International Festival, 17 July 2015

Credit: Paul Blakemore, Jamie Jar