COVID-19 update
Nobody will be unaware of the ravages that COVID-19 is unleashing globally, and how it is affecting everyone with ruthless indiscrimination. Our heart goes out to all and anyone affected. These are very challenging times. All of our worlds have been disrupted, but many have lost loved ones, and more still are in high risk categories or difficult situations where the rules of social isolation are impossible to implement.

We wish we could help more, to bring more light to your world.

Our work has for many years now been focused on social forms of immersion and shared physical experience, trying to bring these augmented experiences to new audiences around the world. Such works however do not fit in with current restrictions on movement, social distancing and self-isolation.

We will be back though, hopefully soon, with new works and new events.

Murmuration still open at SMoCA
In the meantime, we do have ONE artwork still up and running, open to the public (it is outdoors) at SMoCA, in Scottsdale Arizona, for another week or so. It probably won’t be up for much longer, but truth is we’re not entirely sure how to take it down at the moment! For those in lockdown and/or not in Scottsdale, there is a live link courtesy of SMoCA, particularly worth watching at dawn or dusk Arizona time.

And if it’s not working for some reason, there’s also an interview with us, by the team at SMoCA, at

Stay safe, and remember that this too shall pass.

Love, Squidsoup x