Freedom Festival Hull

Creative responses from the voices of the soundscape

Photo credit My Pockets

Artist Peter Snelling from My Pocket, worked closely with a group of refugees on the creation of the soundscape Where There Is Light Installation. The group meet in early 2021 to explore themes of light and togetherness, Peter shares that,

“working on the ‘Where There Is Light’ project was a brilliant experience…There was lots of laughter and fun.  But also the participants used the questions about light to draw and make music and zines that meant something.  People talked about family, about inner strength and about love.  I learnt about my own relationship with light and what it means to me.  The same things that light up my life also light up the lives of people who, on the surface, seem quite different to me.”

The group gathered again this July to experience the installation as part of the Freedom Festival in Hull. Together they shared their initial reactions and captured their responses through this beautiful and powerful series of photos.

Freedom Festival Hull Photo credit My Pockets